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  • January 2018: SysML v2 RFP issued. A Request for Proposal (RFP) for SysML® v2 was issued at the December, 2017 OMG meeting in Burlingame culminating a 1.5 year effort to develop the requirements for the next generation of SysML. SysML v2 is intended to improve the precision, expressiveness, and usability relative to SysML v1. A complementary RFP entitled the “SysML v2 API and Services RFP” is also being developed to enable interoperability between SysML modeling tools and other model-based engineering tools. A more detailed announcement can be found at, and the SysML v2 wiki can be found here.
  • May 2017: SysML v1. 5 release. The OMG Systems Modeling Language™ Version 1.5 (formal specification formal/2017-05-01) was released in May 2017.  The specification is available at A primary change from SysML v1.4 is the introduction of an Abstract Requirement that can be extended to support other kinds of requirements such as  property-based requirements (refer to Annex E.8).
  • May 2017: SysML published as an ISO Standard. SysML has been published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a full International Standard (IS). The short title is “ISO/IEC 19514:2017” and the full title is "ISO/IEC 19514:2017, Information technology -- Object management group systems modeling language (OMG SysML®)". The direct catalogue reference is, and a preview of the IS is available at


The following is the OMG SysML Tutorial available for download in pdf. (Note: Because this is a large 11.9MB file, it is recommended that you save to your desktop by right clicking and save target)






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